Me with Marina (& The Diamonds) last night.

She’s a lovely, lovely lady. She hung around long enough for everyone to meet her a few times, and even stuck around for conversation with everyone even though both times I spoke to her she was being told by her managers to hurry up.

The gig itself was actually quite a surreal experience, saw her over a year ago at a considerably larger venue. So going from a legitimate gig to a tiny intimate venue with only maybe a hundred other fans made it a night I won’t soon forget. During the entire set I was standing only inches away from her, and in her performance she even kissed me (I’m not exactly one of those over obsessive fans, but considering she made no contact with anyone else, this was pretty damn exciting!) 

And then after the gig, when she came out she came up to me and told me about she recognised me from twitter… Not gonna lie, that pretty much made my life.

Anyway, if you’ve never listened to her, you really should! She’s a great artist, and is very loyal to her fans.

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